Adobe Reader Troubleshooting for Online Forms

Some users can experience problems with the Online Forms not responding or freezing. The following instructions
should help you resolve the issue immediately. Please follow these steps if your Transaction Desk is hanging up when printing (“Printing Form” freezes on your screen), saving (“Saving Data” freezes on your screen), or if the “Submit to Realcomp” or “Email” buttons do not respond.

1. Log out of Transaction Desk.

2. On your computer, click “START” and “ALL PROGRAMS” (or “PROGRAMS”).

3. Click on ADOBE READER to open it.

4. Click “EDIT” at the top of the screen and “PREFERENCES.”

5. Click “JAVASCRIPT” (on the left side of the screen) and uncheck “ENABLE GLOBAL OBJECT SECURITY

6. Click “SEARCH” (on the left side of the screen), then click the button that says “PURGE CACHE CONTENTS”
and uncheck “ENABLE FAST FIND.”

7. Click “OK” and close the Adobe program.

8. You should now be able to go back into Transaction Desk and print, save, or submit your forms.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, you may need to Repair your Adobe Reader Installation.


 Last Modified:  Wednesday, November 13, 2013