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Transactions Organize your clients’ documents into easily accessible transaction folders. Documents within each folder are linked to help make form creation effortless.

Packages & Checklists Pre-built and customizable collections of forms empower agents to set up new transactions fast — dramatically reducing the time it takes to get offers sent and signed.

Clauses Your standard MLS & Brokerage clauses are stored in one place and can be pulled into any document easily. You can also add and edit your clauses in this section.

Uploading Documents & Mark-up You can upload important documents into a transaction folder. Use the mark-up tool to add signature fields, strikethroughs, shapes, and text directly in the document.

Submissions Communicate with your brokerage or admin by adding comments on issues within documents and easily manage the submission process.

Settings Access your settings to update important account information such as time zone, smart alerts, signatures, and more!

Last Modified: Thursday, July 18, 2024