We know statistics matter to REALTORS® and how important they can be in providing market-related facts to consumers for the largest financial transaction of their lifetime.

That is why Realcomp provides the MarketStats application by ShowingTime for Realcomp REALTORS®. You will find this module available through the Realcomp login dashboard.

MarketStats includes a bevy of new market research tools that include the following features:

  • InfoSparks – A mobile ready, simple-to-use interactive stats product that allows you to combine local geographies (up to 4) with customizable housing variables, timeframes, and market metrics to generate charts that support your recommendations at listing presentations.
    • Compare local to regional numbers.
    • Write specifically about a neighborhood, highlight a specific metric (i.e. supply of inventory, DOM, percent of list price received, etc.), or drill into variables (i.e. Condominiums) to communicate market conditions.
    • Emphasize your expertise and knowledge on your website, in blog and social media posts, and through e-mail marketing campaigns.
MarketStats InfoSparks Image

  • FastStats – a tidy, map-based interface that displays Local Market Updates, Monthly Indicators, Lender Mediated Reports, Marketwatch Reports, and Regional Data Sheets. Simply select from a drop-down menu or from a map of the local region, and there a report will be waiting for you!
    • Local Market Updates – Access monthly, one-page reports for more than 500 pre-defined geographic areas in the region covering nine (9) key housing metrics for residential and condominium properties.
    • Monthly Indicators – Review a monthly, market-wide report that covers each of the key metrics in further depth with written analysis, overview pages for residential and condominium properties, and historical trends for each metric.
    • Lender Mediated Reports – Access a full report on an important market segment spelled out in rich detail.
    • Marketwatch Report – Obtain a quarterly report that includes details on the region by county and by ZIP code within each county.
    • Regional Data Sheets – Find many numbers in one simple place, allowing you to keep track of historical data or summarize key metrics.
MarketStats FastStats

  • SortStats – Sort various geographies based on several metrics, allowing you to isolate markets of new interest or growth. 
  • My Areas – Save a local housing market defined by you.

MarketStats benefits include:

  • Access a clean, concise, and easy-to-use statistical interface that helps to provide a broader understanding of prevailing trends in local housing markets.
  • Make speedy assessments with the right data and the right tools.
  • Get your statistical needs met without having to spend hours creating your own data tables and charts.
  • Manage client expectations by answering the emotional point of price.
  • Emphasize your expertise and knowledge by “sharing” stats on your website, in blog and social media posts, and through e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • This product is available to all Realcomp MLS Subscribers at no additional charge. It’s included in your Realcomp MLS Subscription.

To begin using MarketStats, select the ShowingTime MarketStats option from the Partner Applications section of the Login Dashboard (shown below).

MarketStats Location on Dashboard

Educational Resources:

InfoSparks YouTube Video
MarketStats Flyer

Last Modified: Friday, January 3, 2020