Frequently Asked Questions about RCO3®
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 1. How can I unconditionally or conditionally withdraw my listing? Only the broker or designated office admin for your office has the type of listing load system privileges to make this kind of listing status change. Please see your broker or office admin who has access to this type of data entry access to withdraw your listing.
 2. How can I access a list of my sold listings? There are a variety of ways you can accomplish this:

1)  Locate your sales from the past year by choosing these menu options: “My RCO”, “My Listings”, and “My Sold Listings”; or
2)  Go to “Market Reports” and choose one of the agent production reports that are available; or 
3)  Search for sales between a specific date range and add your agent ID to the “list agent” and/or “sale agent” search criteria.
 3. What is the quickest way to do a MLS number search? Searching for a MLS number using the Speed Bar is amazingly FAST! The Speed Bar is available just below the menu bar on every RCO3® screen. Simply click inside the Speed Bar area, type your MLS number, and press Enter. It’s really that quick! Depending on your screen resolution, the Speed Bar may appear to accommodate fewer than nine (9) digits. However, it handles this and more. So, be sure to enter the FULL NINE DIGIT number. To enter more than one MLS number, separate each one with a space or a comma.
 4. How can I search for properties in a specific subdivision? The Cross Property and Detail search screens for the Residential and Multi-Family property categories already include the Subdivision search field in their default criteria. The other searches do not. However, the Subdivision search field can be added to any property search. To do this:

1)  Scroll down the search criteria page and click the “Add/Remove” option, which appears to the right of the “Additional Fields” option. 
2)  Scroll down the list of available fields, find “Subdivision”, and double-click it.
3)  Once it appears in the “Selected Fields” box, click the “ Back” button, which appears below these boxes. This will return you to the search criteria screen. You will then see the Subdivision search box appear near the bottom of the search criteria page.
4)  Click the magnifying glass icon, which will allow you to see a comprehensive list of Subdivisions.
5)  Select the subdivision name(s) you wish to search and click “OK."
 5. How should I use the And-Or-Not Search Logic Options? Each of these options do different things for you when searching for listings. For example, "Or" will search for listings that contain ANY of the options you have chosen. "And" will search for listings that contain ALL of the options you have chosen. "Not" will search for listings that DO NOT contain any of the options you have chosen. These options serve the exact same function as the Classic system's drop down menu that had "Match Any Selected," "Match All Selected," and "Exclude Selected". By default, all fields are set to "Or", which is typically what users want when performing searches.
 6. How can I run a report of my annual production and inventory? RCO3® offers two (2) options for Agents to accomplish this; Agent Production and Inventory & Agent Production Inventory Last Year. The first option allows you to run your production for the current year. The second option allows you to run your production for last year. Both of these reports can be found under the "Market Reports" tab.
 7. How do I enlarge the font on my screen while using RCO3®? To enlarge the font on your computer screen as you view listings in RCO3®, use your browser’s zoom function to zoom in and out on the page. This can be accomplished in most browsers by holding down the “ctrl” key and pressing either the “+” or “-“ keys. Ctrl+0 may also reset the zoom level back to the default setting.
8. When I print a full listing, the text is very small and it's hard for me to read. How can I make the text larger? We recommend printing one of our “Full Large” printouts, as they have a larger text size than the standard Full Displays. The Full Large displays are available as Full Large w/Map, Full Large w/Map & PRD, Full Large w/Map & Rollouts, Full Large w/Prop Hist & Rollouts, and Full Large w/Rollouts Except Addl Photos. There are also a Client Full Large w/Map & Rollouts report available.
9. How do I access the 1004 MC Report in RCO3®? To generate a 1004 MC report, you will first want to run your search and select the properties you wish to include in the report. Once you have selected the properties, you will see a "Print" option at the bottom of the list.  Please select Print.  When the RCO3® Print Window opens, you will see options for the Market Conditions reports. Select which report you would like, and then click "Print to PDF."  The 1004 MC form will open, already filled in with the information from the listings you have selected.
10. How do I schedule listing appointments in RCO3®? When viewing one of the Full listing displays; look for the Showing Time icon (  ), which appears under the primary photo. This will take you into the showing scheduler.
11. How do I print a copy of my past Realcomp invoices/receipts for my records/taxes? You can print copies of your receipts by going to "External Links", "My Realcomp Account", and clicking the link that says "click here to view/pay your bill" (located on the left). Then, on the top right-hand side you will see a link to "view paid and unpaid invoices". Click this link, then the receipt you want, and print from there.
12. Can I Access the Wide Format CMA report on RCO3®? Can I Access the Wide Format CMA report that provides the Avg. List Price, Avg. Sold Price, Avg. Price per Sq. Ft., etc.? YES! In RCO3, select your listings from your search results, click the print option at the bottom of the screen, and select the “CMA 1-Line” report (in portrait or landscape). Then, choose the "print report to PDF" option.

This report contains all of the same great information reflected in the wide report from the classic system - only better! In the new system, the fonts and report format are easier to read. You also have the option of including your customized header/footer on the report.
13. How do I Search for Rentals? To search for Rental properties in RCO3®, be sure to select the "Lease" option from the Transaction Type field. Additionally, enter your monthly rental payment range into the price field (example shown below). If you have a maximum price but no minimum, you can enter the high price and then a minus sign (i.e. 1400-) to find all properties with a monthly rental price up to that amount.
14. Why Does the Match Counter Display a Question Mark? I entered all of my search criteria and the match counter displayed a question mark instead of the number of matches. Why? When a question mark displays in the match counter (count-on-the-fly field), this can actually indicate two (2) different scenarios; either that required search fields (i.e. Listing Type and Level of Service) have not yet been addressed for the search or that the system is still searching for matches. If you've already chosen selections for the Listing Type and Level of Service criteria, the system may still be searching for matches. However, this does not prevent you from viewing what the system has already found up to that point. Simply click the "Results" button to begin reviewing the matches that have been found.
15. Is there a way to include a header on all pages when I print? Right now, the RCO3® system only prints my header on the first page.  If you are using either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, you will see various print options after selecting the Print feature, including two (2) radio button choices for the agent header & footer: “First page, Last page” or “Every Page”. Click the “Every Page” option to have the header (and footer - if present) included on every page. Unfortunately, Chrome & Safari do not support the radio buttons. Therefore, if using these browsers, you won’t be able to select “Every Page”.
16. How do I access the Flood Zone codes that I used to be able to access in the old system? To view the Flood Zone information, choose the "Realist Tax" option from the RCO3® menu. Once you have a map displayed on your screen, move to your desired area of the map and zoom in. Click the "Boundaries" icon on the upper right side of the map and then "Flood Zones". Once you've added that map layer, you can hold down your Ctrl-key and click on the map for a pop up window that shows the FEMA Zone Code, Panel Number, and Date. If you have any trouble, it may be that you need to zoom in further.
17. Help! How do I search by Street Name?One quick way is to use the Street Name field, which appears with other Address search fields under the Listing Type & Level of Service search boxes. When entering a partial name for a street, be sure to include the asterisk (*) character, which is known as a wildcard.
  • Entering *Maple will result in street names ending with “Maple” (i.e. Red Maple)
  • Entering Maple* will result in street names beginning with “Maple” (i.e. Maple, Maplewood, etc.)
  • Entering *Maple* will result in street names containing “Maple” (i.e. Red Maple Rd., Maple Street, Maplewood Boulevard, etc.)
18. Will RCO3® Have the “Design New Report” Feature? I like the option of being able to create my own reports. Yes! You can create custom reports under the "MY RCO" section by clicking on "Settings". Once in the settings section, you will see a link to click for "Custom Displays". Great question!
19. When viewing search results based on multiple cities and statuses, I want to sort my results by city first, then status, and then price. Can I do this? Yes! RCO3® has multi-tier sorting capabilities. RCO3® automatically sorts the results by List Price in ascending order. If you want a different sort, you may do a custom sort.

1)  Click the "Refine" button at the bottom of the page.  Then click the Sort button.
2)  The custom sort options will pop up in a new field selection window.
3)  For each field you want to add to your sort, click to highlight the field in the "Available Fields" box. Click the "Add " button to move the field to the "Sort Fields" box (or simply double-click to move it over).
4)  The field will be in ascending sort order. To switch to descending order, simply double-click it.
5)  Results will sort in order of your fields from top to bottom. To rearrange the order of your selections, highlight a field you want to move, and click the "Up" or "Down" button.
6)  To remove a field from your selections, click to highlight it and click the "← Remove" button.
7)  When you have all the fields you want, click the "OK" button. This will return you to your search results sorted as you requested.

NOTE: Saving a search modified in this way applies the sort to that search only. The next time you run a new search, RCO3® will revert to the default sort. If you want to use the same sort on all future searches, click the gear at the upper right of the search results and select the link to “Set current display, sort order and count per page.”
20. How do I post my listing to social media using RCO3®? So glad you asked! Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1)  Login to RCO3® and go to My RCO / My Listings.
2)  Select the listing you want to post by checking the box next to it.
3)  Click the “Share” button at the bottom left.
4)  A "Share Listing Link" pop-up will display.  Copy the URL hyperlink.
5)  Go to Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/etc. through another browser tab and paste the URL along with your message to share it.
21. How can I get a print out of my search criteria on RCO3®? When choosing your report, also be sure to choose the option next to your report that says: “Print Search Criteria."
22. How do I start a CMA Report? We have a tip sheet for you with step-by-step directions. Access it here at:
23. How do I search for at least 3 or more bedrooms in RCO3®?  To search for a minimum of 3 bedrooms, you need to enter “3+” in the bedroom field, which tells the system 3 or more. If you enter only “3”, your results will include properties with exactly 3 bedrooms.
24. My clients often call about properties with just a Street Name or Street and City names – but without any additional information. What is a quick way to find listings in RCO3® based on this limited data?  An easy way to get results is to select “Search”, “Cross Property”, and enter the first few letters of the Street name, along with an asterisk * (i.e. Henry*) into the Street Name field. Entering the City name, along with other basics (i.e. Active, all Listing Types, all Levels of Service, Residential & Condominium as Property Types) will help to narrow the results even more.
25. How do I use Hot Sheets? We have a tip sheet for you with step-by-step directions. Access it here at: After setting up a Hot Sheet, you can click on the Hot Sheets widget on the RCO3® homepage and quickly retrieve listings based on the Hot Sheet criteria you saved. FYI: At any point you can choose to reset your Hot Sheet back to the general Hot Sheet by clicking on the “Reset” link.
26. What’s the Quickest Way to Access a Listing by its Address? Use the Speed Bar -- simply enter the address, the first part of the street name, and an * into the speed bar field (i.e. 28334 Ridge*). Then click the magnifying glass. The asterisk is a wild card and allows you to perform a “begins with” search. You can also use it to perform “ends with” (i.e. 28334 *Ridge) and “contains” (i.e. 28334 *Ridge*) searches.
27. How Do I Edit the Criteria of One of My Auto Emails?  Here are the steps that will allow you to make changes to your auto email criteria for a prospect/customer. While in RCO3®, choose...

1)  My RCO
2)  Auto Emails
3)  Select the Auto Email you want to modify (by clicking the dropdown arrow to the left of the auto email, or by clicking the hyperlinked subject line for the auto email)
4)  Click Criteria
5)  Make whatever changes you need to make to your search criteria
6)  Click Save
7)  Important: From the email settings page, click Save again.
28. How Can I Resend an Auto Email's “Welcome” Message to My Client? (1st Time) Choose the “My RCO” and “Auto Emails” options. Then click the hyperlinked subject line for the auto email you wish to resend the welcome message. To resend the welcome, click the “Resend Welcome” tab. The system should display confirmation that the welcome message has been resent to the contact connected with this auto email. 

(Subsequently) If you’ve already done this once (resent the message), the only way to have the welcome message go out from the system again is to disable and re-enable the auto email. To do this, choose the “My RCO” and “Auto Email” options. Then click the hyperlinked subject line for the desired auto email. Click the “Settings” tab, the “Disabled” radio button, and “Save”. Then, click the “Settings” tab, the “Enabled” radio button, and “Save”. The system will automatically generate the sending of the welcome message.
29. How Can I Change a Client's Name or Email Address on an Auto Email? To change a client's name or email address, please follow these steps. While in RCO3®, choose...

1)  My RCO
2)  Contacts
3)  Select the Contact you want to modify (by clicking the hyperlinked name for the contact)
4)  Click "Edit Contact"
5)  Make your changes to the contact
6)  Click Save

This will automatically update any Auto Emails you have set up for this contact and, if an email address was changed, will automatically re-send the Auto Email to the new email address.
30. How Can I See Which Listings Have Already Been Emailed to My Client? One option for accomplishing this is to choose the “My RCO” and “Auto Emails” options. Then click the hyperlinked subject line for the auto email you wish to view. Then click the “Results” tab. For a quick "bird’s eye" view of the listings that have been provided, from the “Display” drop-down menu, choose one of the “Thumbnail” or “Summary” report formats. You’ll see highlighted in yellow, on the left above each listing, the date each listing was emailed to your client. 
31. Can I Add More than One Email Address for a Contact/Auto Email? Yes! Choose the “My RCO” and “Contacts” options. Then click the hyperlinked name for the contact you wish to edit. Then click “Edit Contact”. On the email address line, after the first email address, enter a comma, space, and then the 2nd email address. If you wish, enter another comma, space, and a 3rd email address. You can include up to five (5) email addresses.
32. How Do I Change My Email Address in in RCO3®? We have created a tip sheet to walk you through updating your email address (along with other information such as phone numbers, fax numbers, and your website URL) in RCO3® as well as our integrated vendor programs. Access it here at: Changing Your Information
33. How can I create an iBook on my IPAD from an MLS report on RCO3®? For example, I have an MLS property pulled up and I want to download it to my iPad and store it in my iBooks folder. Please find the instructions to create an iBook from an MLS report below:

1)  Select the listing(s) you wish to save to iBooks by putting a check mark in the box to the left of the listing on your search results page.
2)  Click the “Print” button at the bottom.
3)  Select the report(s) you wish to save to your iBooks library.
4)  Click the “Print to PDF” option that appears at the bottom.

The report should open in a new tab and you can “tap” the screen to get options to appear at the top left. One of those options should be “Open in iBooks.”
34. When I print a listing, depending on the listing and the report format I choose, the listing sometimes spills over onto two (2) pages. How can I correct this? Depending on the number of data fields addressed on a listing and the length of those fields, it is entirely possible that a listing will require two (2) pages (or more) to print in full. Here are some options you have for controlling this though:

1)  Try selecting the "Shrink to Fit" or "Scale to Paper Size" setting for under the "Page Setup" settings for your browser or printer.
2)  Try deselecting any of the following options that may be selected in your RCO3® printer settings:
     a.  Print agent header & footer (on the first page, last page -or- every page)
     b.  Print with roll-outs (if any) open
     c.  Print search criteria
3)  Try selecting "Ink Saver; if any, don't print images."

These settings will help you to eliminate printouts comprised of more than one page in many cases. Additionally, review all of the reports in RCO3® that are available to you through the "Primary Reports" and "Additional Reports" tabs. You may find one that still meets your needs, but that doesn't include all of the fields from the full reports.

35. What is the best way to search for an address with a "Mile" road in the Speed Bar? I've noticed that sometimes the street name is spelled out, and sometimes it's a number. When searching for an address with on one of the Mile roads, it's best NOT to include the actual number (i.e. the "Nine/9" in Nine Mile). Instead, enter the street number and then *Mile for the street name.

DON'T: Enter 35860 Nine Mile in the Speed Bar
DO: Enter 35860 *Mile in the Speed Bar

This will ensure that the listing will come up regardless if the listing was entered as "Nine Mile" or "9 Mile."
36. Is there a way to print the map page from RCO3® that shows the selected, numbered listings? Yes! There are three (3) basic steps to do this:

1)  While on the Results tab, select the desired listings (by clicking the empty box to the left of each address) or from the Map tab (by clicking the little green house icons)
2)  Click on the PRINT option
3)  Choose MULTI-MAP option. (You may need to click the "More (click)" option to see all of the printable report options)
37. Does RCO3® remind MLS Subscribers of their listings that are about to expire? Yes, the listing agent will receive an email notification when an active, contingent (CCS), or conditionally withdrawn (CWTH) listing is due to expire.

Agents and Office Staff can also view which listings will be expiring by either clicking on "My Expiring Listings" (or "My Office Expiring Listings") on the My Listings widget on the Home Tab of RCO3®, or by going to My RCO - My Listings, and selecting "My Expiring Listings" or "My Office Expiring Listings" from the drop-down menu.

Other Tips: For additional assistance with RCO3®, please be sure to take a look at our online tip sheets which are available from the Help section of the RCO3® system. Videos and prerecorded webinars are also available from the Training section of our corporate website:
Last modified: Tuesday, December 20, 2022