Working with a REALTOR® is SMART. Working with a Realcomp REALTOR® is SMARTER!

What is the difference between a real estate licensee and someone who calls themselves a REALTOR®? Why is working with a REALTOR® smart?

All real estate agents are NOT the same. Anyone who has obtained a real estate license through the state is a real estate licensee. However, only those who are members of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and subscribe to their strict Code of Ethics can legitimately call themselves by the “REALTOR®” name. REALTOR® is a registered collective membership mark of America's largest trade association. NAR represents 1.2 million members, and is involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.


Why choose a “Realcomp REALTOR®”?

Power in numbers! Realcomp is Michigan’s largest Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and real property data provider. With over 17,000 MLS subscribers, Realcomp represents nearly half of all REALTORS® in Michigan. In addition to Realcomp’s MLS property data, our strategic partnerships with other MLSs provide your REALTOR® with access to more real property data than any other MLS in the state. Realcomp REALTORS® are part of a GROWING professional network, and access Realcomp through any one of our Shareholder Boards and Associations of REALTORS®.

When You Work with a Realcomp REALTOR®
  • You are working with a REALTOR® who has access to accurate and complete Multiple Listing Service (MLS) property data from Michigan’s largest MLS data provider.
  • You are working with a REALTOR® who has access to Public Record Data (i.e. land data, taxes, deeds, etc.) for the entire State of Michigan! This allows your REALTOR® to access data on most properties in Michigan.
  • You are working with a REALTOR® who is connected … someone who can easily tap into the power of more than 17,000 Realcomp REALTORS® and overall, 92% of the state’s REALTORS® and the clients they represent. This equates to leads, leads, and more leads – all potential buyers for your home.
  • Your REALTOR® can quickly publish your property (in listing format) on the most popular national real estate websites on the Internet! These include:,,, and more. Can you ever have too many potential buyers? We think not!

Additionally, through Realcomp, your Realcomp REALTOR® is equipped with hi-tech tools and resources to successfully serve you and your needs in the most efficient and professional way possible!

Working with a Realcomp REALTOR® Yet? You’ll want to make sure you do! Find one now through our local website, powered by Realcomp REALTORS®,

Are you a REALTOR® and interested in joining Realcomp? Just complete our online inquiry form. We’ll provide you with our Statement of Services and promptly follow-up.
Date: Thursday, July 27, 2023

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Realcomp is owned by the following eight (8) Boards/Associations of REALTORS®. Each one offers unique services that help brokers, agents, & appraisers reach their professional goals. Please contact them to learn more about these offerings, including those related to the enforcement of the REALTORS® Code of Ethics, and how they can be of benefit to you in your business!


10 Reasons Why More Michigan REALTORS Subscribe to Realcomp!

10 Reasons Why More Michigan REALTORS Subscribe to Realcomp!

Is Your Realtor a Realcomp REALTOR?

Is Your Realtor a Realcomp Realtor? Working with a REALTOR® is SMART. Working with a Realcomp REALTOR® is SMARTER!

What’s My Home Really Worth?

What’s My Home Really Worth?