RPR - The Realtors Property Resource®


Realcomp is pleased to make the Realtors Property Resource® (RPR) available to MLS Subscribers!

RPR will provide NAR’s REALTOR® members access to a national database of robust information which will give REALTORS® the greatest access to nationwide property information needed to best serve their clients and customers. RPR is a parcel centric system which will aggregate all available data sets and attach them to a property, including tax assessment and public record information, notice of default, REO, foreclosure and pre-foreclosure data, MLS/CIE-provided information, zoning, liens, permits, school districts, flood plain maps, demographics and much more.

Realtors Property Resource® (RPR) began in 2008 as one of NAR’s Second Century Initiatives. RPR’s goal was to create an online real estate library that will provide NAR’S REALTOR® members with valuable data on every property in the United States.

This initiative is based on the collaborative efforts of REALTORS® and the real estate community, including Brokers, MLSs and Associations. RPR’s core mission is to reinforce the REALTOR’S® value in the market place by keeping them ahead of the technology curve and better able to serve today’s technology empowered consumer.

RPR, LLC was incorporated in November of 2009. RPR, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary corporation of the National Association of REALTORS®, and has no stockholders, no partners and no outside investors. It is funded by NAR’s Second Century Initiatives reserves, and all technologies, databases, systems and any future return on NAR’s investments belong to NAR’s members.




  • RPR™ is an exclusive benefit to REALTOR® members of NAR.
  • Advanced reporting features allow the REALTOR® to create custom reports to provide to clients and customers, keeping the REALTOR® in the center of the transaction, armed with tremendous information and analytics, all in one place.
  • With this new resource REALTORS® have unparalleled access to data that will give you a competitive edge with your clients.
  • At its base are over 147 million property records, built from public record and assessment information.
  • Layers of data have been added such as zoning, permits, mortgage and lien data, schools, and the largest database of foreclosure information in the industry.
  • REALTOR® members of participating MLSs have their localized active and off-market data integrated with these robust national datasets. Realcomp II Ltd. signed an agreement with RPR at the end of 2012 to become a participating MLS and launched it for Realcomp Subscribers in April, 2013.
  • RPR is a vehicle that can be used to facilitate data sharing between cooperating MLSs. Earlier this year (January, 2013), the Realcomp Board of Governors reaffirmed their commitment to expand Realcomp's data sharing initiative with additional MLS organizations throughout the state, and beyond those borders. In April, 2013, in conjunction with the launch of this service, Realcomp invited the Association Executives of each REALTOR-affiliated Board, Association, and/or MLS in Michigan to share data with Realcomp through RPR and/or the MLS Data Co-op platforms. We look forward to dialoguing with them about these new opportunities and will keep you informed of their responses.


  • Access RPR through the "Additional Data" menu item in RCO3®.
  • Access RPR through the links that appear on the actual listings in RCO3®.
  • Access RPR through Realcomp’s Clareity Security software by clicking the RPR logo.


  • As with all products integrated with the Realcomp MLS, Realcomp provides 1st level support on RPR. Please call us at (866) 553-3430 or e-mail us if you have any questions about this product.




Last modified:  Wednesday, September 18, 2013