RCO3® sets a powerful new standard for MLS system software. Designed to power top-producing agents, RCO3® puts equal emphasis on functionality and speed. The program’s rich feature set gives agents a wealth of new ways to serve their clients. RCO3® also boasts powerful administrative functionality—from searches and displays to reports and statistics, the comprehensive management toolset gives you complete control over all aspects of the system. Maximum speed is central to this system. Built for performance from the ground up, the optimized system architecture allows agents to search, e-mail, and operate the system faster than ever before. Test drive RCO3® and see for yourself how fast the system responds to even the most complex query.




The program’s cart functionality offers agents greater listing management control. Users can drop listings into any client’s cart from virtually anywhere in the program, and then easily view, e-mail, map or print the listings at their convenience. This functionality provides a tidy way to work with multiple clients while navigating the MLS system.

Client Portal/Prospects

With the RCO3® client portal, agents can provide personalized information delivery for their buyers and sellers. Agents can extend their brand with a custom web site banner, and clients can take control of their home search experience by viewing full listing details and maps, and categorizing listings according to their level of interest. RCO3® then provides agents with detailed client activity and portal usage statistics.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

The new CMA module in RCO3® provides agents with a sophisticated tool set for creating professional listing presentations. Using the CMA wizard, agents can customize the report from start to finish, including custom cover page, dynamic statistical pages, and a variety of options for assembling a unique document tailored to the individual client. Users can save incomplete CMAs, and print or e-mail final reports directly to clients.


With RCO3® and its’ count-on-the-fly feature, agents see a real-time count of exactly how many listings match their criteria before ever submitting a query. Fast listing count feedback makes it easy for agents to quickly create a search that yields the desired number of results.


The RCO3® homepage was designed to provide at-a-glance summaries of important information and single-click access to major program functions. By adding, removing, and rearranging individual dashboard elements, each user can customize their home page to perfectly suit their specific needs and preferences.

Hit Counter

 RCO3®’s hit counter functionality allows agents to track their clients’ activity and interactions with the system. Every visit and click within the client portal is tracked and exposed to the listing agent. Information such as the number of times a listing has been categorized as a Favorite, Possibility, or Discard is made available. The listing hit counter feature can be used to quickly and accurately gauge consumer interest in a new listing.


RCO3® provides a broad range of hotsheet options and functionality. Agents can use a standard system hotsheet or create custom hotsheets to suit their unique needs. Change of status, price, dates, and a variety of other details can all be included in agent-customized hotsheets. This essential functionality keeps agents up to date on the very latest market conditions.

Integrated Mapping

Designed to seamlessly integrate search criteria, mapping and results, the dynamic integrated mapping feature allows the user to zoom and pan while listings update in real time. Superior versatility also allows users to select listings from the result set or directly from the map. Bird’s eye view, street view, satellite view, and driving directions are just a few of the many options available to end users. 

Public Record Data/Tax Integration

RCO3® allows for advanced searching, analysis, and report generation. RCO3® also works with Realist®, providing a direct link from the listing record in RCO3® to the corresponding tax record in the external system. Parcel maps with lot lines and dimensions are now also available.

Search History

With RCO3®, running a previous search is as simple as a single mouse-click. RCO3® automatically saves your recent searches—complete with a date/time stamp and the number of results—and displays them in a list conveniently located near the top of each page. Search history is a terrific time-saving feature that is perfect for the busy agent serving multiple clients at once. 

Speed Bar

From listing records and tax records to agents and search shortcuts, the Speed Bar dramatically reduces the time required to perform earches of any kind within the system. Enter any value to immediately search across the entire system and across various table types.                         Easy-to-learn shortcuts make searching faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Stats Generator

One of the program's most sophisticated features, the stats generator provides agents with an endless array of statistical analysis options. Starting with a search of any kind, agents can generate stats for a specific market area, time frame, listing status, or the entire Multiple Listing Database. RCO3® offers numerous preset reporting options, making it easy for agents to generate up-to-date statistical reports, featuring attractive charts and graphs with just a few clicks. Advanced functionality allows for the comparison of virtually any two market stats on the same chart.

Tax Integration

RCO3® offers multiple public record integration points. RCO3® allows for advanced searching, analysis and report generation. RCO3® is also integrated with Realist®, providing a direct link from the listing record in the external system.

 Other Features

  • Full compatibility with both Apple & PC platforms and all major browsers
  • Open multiple windows at a time on the system
  • Includes 1004 MC report for appraisers
  • Search criteria defaults are fully customizable by each user
  • Use the integrated navigational tools, as well as those of your favorite browser

For more information about RCO3®, contact a Realcomp Support Representative at (866) 553-3430.

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Last modified:  Thursday, August 11, 2022