LionDesk is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Platform, which provides the following tools to Realcomp Subscribers at NO ADDITIONAL COST:

  • Contact Management: Easily manage all types of lead sources, buyers, sellers, hot or cold clients and more by adding an unlimited number of tags to each client.
  • Lead Distribution: Take all the leads yourself, or distribute them to a team based on their performance or the Zip Code of the request.
  • Third Party Lead Imports: Take your existing lead sources (Zillow, Trulia,, etc.) and send them to LionDesk for an instant response to your client.
  • Automated Drip Campaigns: Manage your automated drip campaigns easily with LionDesk. Don't just email, with LionDesk, your campaigns can include automated text messages and phone calls.
  • Direct Mail - Letters: Create a letter or upload a PDF and LionDesk will send it out to your client automatically with a custom Drip Campaign.
  • Auto Responders: Send automated emails, texts, and calls to every one of your leads and track your conversions.
  • Detailed Email Tracking/Reporting: Know exactly which prospects are most interested in what you're selling with tracking notifications. Know who opens and clicks on your emails.
  • Full Calendar and Task Management: Forget worrying about who you should be calling next, because LionDesk will even call you to remind you.
  • Property Management: Enter your properties and track your closings. Automate your tasks, manage deadlines and don't let anything slip through the cracks.
  • $ Deal & Pipeline Management: Track your deals and your pipeline...know how close you are to closing it, how much you're making and when.
  • Video Email & Video Texting: The only CRM with integrated Video Emails and Video Texting. Utilize one-on-one videos, within drips and mass emails/texting.
  • Scheduled Emails & Texts: Save all of your sales and marketing emails and send to your clients instantly, or put them on a future scheduled campaign.
  • Texting Manager: Managing your texting activity is easy with a comprehensive view of all your contact conversations.
  • IDX/Website Integration
  • Mobile App for IOS and Android

Realcomp's version of the LionDesk program is equivalent to the LionDesk Pro version, with the exception of offering a maximum of 500 emails per month (versus 5,000 per month). LionDesk is made available to Realcomp REALTORS® at no additional cost and is included in your MLS subscription. See LionDesk's price chart for comparison purposes and upgrade offers for Realcomp REALTORS®.

To get started with LionDesk, simply login to Realcomp and click the LionDesk icon from the Realcomp Dashboard. The basic module of LionDesk is available to Realcomp Subscribers at no additional charge.

​To learn more about LionDesk, visit the LionDesk Help Center. Once LionDesk is made available to Realcomp REALTORS®, you will be able to login to the application through Realcomp's Login Dashboard.


Last Modified: Monday, November 2, 2020